Used Hockey Equipment Omaha, NE

New & Used Hockey Gear & Baseball Equipment Omaha,NE

We know how frustrating it can be to have your young star outgrow their sport gear every year, or sometimes sooner.  Their old gear is in great shape, it is just too small...not worn out, just out grown.  New equipment is so expensive and takes time to break-in.


  • We buy/sell newer, high quality, pre-played hockey and baseball gear.  From bats to breezers, all of our inverntory is hand picked insuring the highest quality sports gear.
  • We offer trade-ins on your pre-played gear.  If your hockey or baseball gear is newer and in great shape, we want it.  Take a look at our Trade-ins page and see what we are looking to buy or take in trade.
  • All our pre-played gear is sanitized kllling 97% of bacteria and viruses that live and breed in sports gear and cause that "hockey bag" smell.  Bring your gear in and we will sanitize it....                                   

               STOP THE STENCH with OFF THE BENCH!



High Quality, Pre-played Hockey and Baseball Gear for your Growing Athlete.